Our Mission:

Share Life.

The Miami Valley Life Alliance is a community-wide effort focused on reducing poverty in and around Montgomery County.


About Us

12 years of gathering experiential data has led us to countless stories of people living under the effect of poverty. With this data in mind, we believe that 1) poverty isn’t just a financial issue, and 2) only through intentional and diverse relationships can poverty be alleviated. We proudly partner with organizations all over Miami Valley to change the narrative in our city.


Our Services

The core of our services is based on the importance of growing intentional community in each person’s life. Involvement in a community unrestrained by divides—such as ethnic, economic, political, religious, or social—is essential in alleviating poverty.


financial assistance

While money isn’t the only aspect of poverty, it’s still a resource that can take someone with certain skillsets (such as budgeting) pretty far. We offer valuable tools for setting up accounts, managing finances, and resources that ease immediate financial strain.


career development

Without developing career skills, people living near or below the poverty line are at risk for chronic unemployment. We offer opportunities for participants to learn job skills, prepare for interviews, and find work that will lead to long-term stability.

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health services

Physical health impacts every aspect of our lives, including how we take care of our family and perform at work. Access to healthy food is foundational for walking out of poverty. We partner with local practitioners to provide individualized care.


family support

We believe each member of the family, no matter their age, needs to feel seen and supported. We focus on fostering relationships with networks of people who can provide care and assistance to MVLA families during tough times.


Every little bit helps.

Poverty typically originates from profoundly unmet needs in one or more areas of our life. With the generosity of people like you, we continue to see breakthroughs in the lives of people who are re-writing their future.